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Creating a Clearer Vision

After all that is said about marriage, it is a beautiful and wonderful thing deserving of being celebrated! That is why I am a big supporter of the Clearer Vision Conference where marriage is celebrated! Consider yourself formally invited:

Join us for an evening of education and entertainment at the Northern Utah Marriage Celebration, a fun date night for couples or individuals who want to prepare for or strengthen their marriage. Workshops will be provided by professionals from northern Utah including topics such as intimacy, communication and staying connected, and a keynote presentation will be given by Doug Nielsen.  Workshops will be 6:00-9:30 p.m. (with bonus workshops from 4:00-6:00 p.m.). For complete program details see

In conjunction with the conference we will be revealing the topics of the conference each week! Stay tuned and read more about the following marriage tips and tricks from the experts themselves:

  • Jan 20 – Cups of Connection
  • Jan 27 – Communicating through conflict
  • Feb 3 – Date Night Routine/Dating on Dime
  • Feb 10 – Marriage/Intimacy
  • Feb 17 – Money and Marriage
  • Feb 24 – Technoference

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